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The sleepy seaside town awakens to a roar.

First, the ground shakes. Pavement cracks, buildings crumble and the very building blocks of the earth revolt and rise from the ground in pillars of belching cacophonous fire. Molten rock issues forth from fissures in horrific gouts, burning and immolating everything in its path.

A furious gale whips up, fanning the flames and driving them through the ruin of the town. What little shelter remains bursts into horrifying flame.

The sea rears up like a terrible beast. Boiling foam crests the titanic waves as they crash over the town.

Nothing is left.


Celestial mountain. Home of the four elementals. Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Deep, deep in the heart of the wastelands of the north, lies a desert of black sand. Scorched by the sun, blasted by the wind, nothing can live there. No plant or animal can be found for a hundred miles in any direction across that blackened land, sand fuses to glass as it lashed by frequent, terrifying lightening storms.

At the dead centre of this god forsaken place lies celestial mountain. It extends upward for miles in a single rough hewn pillar of blinding white rock in brutal contrast to the ashen ground it stands upon. The summit is wreathed n a halo of cloud, invisible and hidden to the naked eye.

High above the desert, above the cloud, above the birds and above even the thickness of air, a black clad figure is advancing slowly up the sheer cliff face of the mountain.


"Earth?! Earth?! Where are you?"

"Right here, you blind fool"

Lightening arcs across the peak. Laughter echoes out as the bolt smashes a huge pillar of rock into razor sharp fragments.

"A pox on you, Air."

More lightening. More laughter.

"What's this? A trick?"

"I should have guessed Water would try something like this"

Loric rested his wheezing joints.
"I've been sent here to end your quarrel. Show yourselves."

"He's lying, it's all a plan by Air to lure us out so she can steal our power."

"I was sent by Alexandra."

A hush fell over the mountain. The first in a long, long time.

"How does he know of her?"

"He is a mortal, we should kill him."

"If he's a mortal, Earth, how did he climb the mountain, you fool"

"Be quiet Fire, unless you want me to shut you up."

"As if you could, hag."

Loric shouted out to the disembodied voices.

"I'm here to settle your quarrel. If you do not cease fighting, there will be nothing left to fight over. Please, settle this like adults."

There was a hush of urgent whispers

"Alright, we'll come out, but only to examine you, stranger."

Four faces emerged from hidey holes and crevices blasted into the rock. The first to make an appearance was Fire. She appeared at first to be a woman, wispy and ephemeral, transparent and almost intangible, naked as a babe but a woman none the less. Loric watched her, and noticed with keen interest the haze of heat surrounding her. She spotted another sister emerging, and her anger flared, suddenly Loric realised she was shrouded at all times by a dense layer of constant flame. She flared red, burning with the colour of brilliant sunset, the haze of flame licking around her clearly visible.

She had spotted Water, who seemed much the same as Fire. Deep at her core Loric could make out the shadowy silhouette of figure, encased in a moving, living layer of dark blue water. She retained a womanly shape, the same as Fire, the water forming around her even to the tiniest detail of her nipples, perfect to the last.

Air made her way out. She was barely visible, little more than a shimmer in the air and a voice, but visible none the less. If he concentrated he could make her out quite clearly, but only as a shade or shape.

Last to emerge was Earth. Earth was the largest of the four, muscular, voluptuous, her skin shiny and hard, as of rock. She stood both taller and broader than the other sisters, no mean feat as they were all easily double Loric's height.

Fire spoke first.

"Who are you?"

"I've come here to stop you from fighting, once and for all. Tell me what you're all fighting over"

The sisters laughed

"We're not fighting over anything." Earth chuckled with a voice rough with gravel "We're fighting to see who is the most powerful, and it's clearly me."

Lightning began to spark between the sisters once again

Loric thought for a moment. A plan formed.

"I've got it. I know how to end the fighting and find out who is the strongest. We shall have a contest. A great tournament.

The girls stopped fighting immediately and paid attention.

"We will test you at a series of challenging tasks, and find out once and for all who is the most powerful."


The sisters laughed again at Loric.

"You want us to what?"

"Water the grain."

The girls laughed again.

"Fire, please proceed."

Far below the mountain, in a tiny town to the south, sheltered in a valley four farms, each separated by many miles, had four fields of golden grain that blew lazily in the breeze. A more idyllic country scene would be hard to come across.

Fire flexed her muscles, and pointed a dainty finger.

Far below them, the town water tower began to creak. Suddenly, crimson flames burst from a pile of straw left negligently beside it, quickly spreading to the flimsy looking supporting legs. The tower collapsed, crashing through the roof of the town church next door and washing a wall of water through the town and out to the field. By the time it reached the field, the water had drowned a herd of cattle and demolished most of the town and drowned many of its inhabitants, whose water bloated bodies washed up in the grain.

"A good effort, but those bodies will taint the grain, rendering it inedible."

Fire pouted.

"You never said it had to remain edible"

"I didn't, but what would be the point of watering it if by doing so you render it unfit for even animals. Air, you're next."

Air raised her arms, and far away a rumble of thunder sounded. Far to the east, a single cloud detached itself from the yearly monsoon and scudded rapidly off over the horizon. After few minutes it arrived at Air's field, and began its deluge.

"Nice work, Air."

"That's cheating, she used my rain!" Water yelled

"My turn!" Earth growled. She thumped her hand to the ground palm down, and the five felt a tremor run through the earth.

Far away, next to the tiny town, a canal dyke shuddered. Slowly, the clay banks of the swollen channel began to crumble. A torrent of water burst from the ruined wall, sweeping across the land. The town vanished from view as the valley flooded as several rivers and streams got in on the act, and all four fields and the town itself sunk beneath the flood waters. Air's cloud continued to rain merrily on the new lake.

"Nice going, fat ass" Air gloated.

"Shut your mouth!" Earth bellowed.

"Ladies. Stop. There is another way, one which favours you all, with your godlike powers and supreme cunning."

The four leaned in, keen to hear.

"An eating contest."

Loric smiled to himself.

"Alexandra, I may need some help with this one."


"Gods, no more, I can't eat… urp… any more."

Fire collapsed to the ground, her midriff stuck out and bloated to unbelievable dimensions. She joined Air and Water in rubbing her distended belly to sooth the aching groaning sphere.

"What are you, full? Guess I'm the winner."

Only Earth remained standing. She tossed the end of the snaking pipe from her mouth, and the four magically conjured feeding tubes withdrew back into the ground where they had sprung from. She triumphantly stroked the magnificent swell of her grossly swollen stomach, fingers running smoothly over its rocky surface.

"Well done Earth, you've proved yourself capable of, how to put this, being "more full" than the others, but there is still the test of power to go."

Earth turned an eye toward Loric.

"What do you mean?"

Loric motioned her to bend down, which she managed to do with great difficulty, so he might whisper to her.

"You can take the powers of the others, now is your chance. Swallow them. Consume their power, take them into yourself and become the most powerful of all."

Earth's eyes lit up, and a wicked grin spread across her face. She turned and lumbered over to where her three siblings lay groaning and attempting to quiet their ridiculously over encumbered abdomens.

"What are you doing?"

Earth knelt down and put her lips to Water's dainty toes. Her lips brushed them, the water covering her washed over Earth's lips.

There was a horrible, slurping sound, and a scream, before there was nothing.

Loric thanked his lack of a stomach, if not for his unusual arrangement, he'd surely have retched.

Earth stood triumphantly, sporting a belly twice its previous dimensions. She proudly stuck it out and laughed loudly, before a bizarre thing happened. Her body literally grew outwards and upwards, swelling in all directions, she grew larger, taller and much, much fatter.

"I feel it, I feel the power inside me, Gods, and it's glorious!"

Earth laughed harder, her hands cradling her gigantic belly.

"I must have the rest!"

She moved in lumbering strides over to where air lay, frozen in terror as her sister loomed over her. Earth spread her legs wide, taking a stance akin to a charging bull, and began to breathe in. Harder and harder she sucked, and Loric began to see the wispy form of the bloated Air disassemble and drift into Earth's all encompassing maw. Soon, she too was all gone.

Earth yelled her triumph in almost orgasm to the sky, collapsing backwards to lie blissfully on the ground.  Her body bucked and heaved in bloated sexual arousal, her stony nipples were hard as diamonds on her immense breasts, her hands tweaking them and rubbing her needy moist sex in divine pleasure, her stomach swelling and growing as the rest of her body swelled outwards and upwards, growing and bloating and becoming larger and larger. She now literally dwarfed the tiny Fire, who was powerless to prevent herself being snatched up in one lazy hand and stuffed into Earth's mouth. Earth swallowed finally and terribly, and Loric watched in awe.

Fire reached her stomach, dead to the world and probably better for it, but her body burned on, and began heating the centre of Earth's immense body. To Loric on the Outside, he watched as a dull cherry glow began at the very pinnacle of Earth's immense swell. Slowly, it spread, heat emanated from her giant belly as Fire heated her to the core, slowly her whole body took on the glow, getting redder and redder, her massive breasts, her thick thighs, her tiny navel a hollow of pure heat. Her magnificently stuffed gut glowed yellow with inner heat.

"I feel like a Goddess. I will rule this world with my power, all will tremble before my might and worship me"

Earth spoke, almost dreamily, almost to herself. Suddenly, she looked down.

Loric was stood atop her gigantic stomach, his sword buried to the hilt in her massive grumbling belly.

"Puny little man, you cannot hope to hurt me. Even if you could, you couldn't stab that pitiful sword in far enough to hit anything vital. I suppose if you want to try I shouldn't stop you though."

She moved her hands from their tasks, running them over the gravid flanks of her ocean of belly flesh, up her sides, over her breasts and finally crossing them contentedly behind her head. She smiled to herself and giggled, watching as the motion of her stomach disturbed Loric's footing, watching him nearly tumble as he struck ringing sparked blows from the surface of her Godly gut. She closed her eyes and relaxed, feeling the sword strikes as vibrations through her titanic stomach. Suddenly they stopped. She felt Loric make his way up her body, climbing over the immense swell of her midsection, down the slope of her upper stomach to her breasts before making his way over the canyon of her breasts, finally coming to a halt on her chest.

She opened one eye, smiling languidly at the tiny figure. She had grown immensely, her face dwarfed Loric.

"I hope you've come to the understanding that you can't possibly hope to hurt my beautiful tummy. Let me rest, and I'll be good enough to make yours a quick death."

She laughed to herself.

"You couldn't kill me if you tried. I have something that may interest you."

Loric drew his sword, and worked his fingers up the side of his armour. Earth smiled along benevolently, until his breastplate swung open.

"I am not a mortal man. You cannot kill me because I carry the flame of the Gods. Enjoy it."

Loric stuck his sword deep into the furnace inside himself, and withdrew it. Blue flames licked over the surface of his blade, which glowed white hot under the holy fire.

"Open wide."

Loric leaped forward, Pistons in his limbs hissing and gushing steam and he pried open Earth's jaws, finally they opened a crack and he flung the sword inside.

Earth swallowed.

Loric fell backward, landing between her great breasts he struggle to pull himself upright, his body ruined by the exertion.

Earth looked past him, she felt the blade as it slipped down her throat and down, down through the inner workings of her vast body, down into the cathedral swell of her gurgling stomach.

All was quiet.

Loric watched.

They both waited.

Slowly, her massive stomach began to groan and whine, louder and more urgent than before. Her hands slipped out from behind her head and came to rest on her stomach, and she noticed their colour was different. Her belly, Gigantic, over bloated and massively over stretched, was several shades lighter than her hands. The flesh beneath her touch began to give under her fingers. She pulled them away, realising in a moment the fire inside burnt so hot…

She was beginning to melt.

She reared up, Back arching as she rose from the ground. Loric tumbled from her chest, crunching to the ground with organ rupturing force as the vengeful elemental rose onto her knees and turned to watch him. Her skin glowed almost white it was so hot, the heat from her body began to warp and crack the plating of his armour.

"You dare try to destroy me?!"

She closed her eyes for a moment before reopening them, a blazing white light shining out of her sockets. Her hair, dripping molten magma, melted into her skin before being reborn as a plume of crimson flames. Her voice as deep as time itself she levelled her rage at Loric.

"I am impregnable. Indestructible. My stomach will withstand your fire, and then you shall join it."

Her eyes cast down to her massive gut, hanging pendulously from her front like an immense ocean it called out to her in pain, moaning and gurgling, ripples running through the liquid rock of her distended stomach. She ran her hands over it, unable to reach it's lower extremes, she grunted and moaned in pain as the fire burned inside of her, hotter and hotter she glowed, she began to fear her will would not hold her body together. She let out a whimper of pain, her stomach painful to look upon, great cracks and fissures appeared across its surface as she struggled, struggled not to burst open. Her eyes closed in agony, she swayed from side to side unconsciously, hands clasped to the surface of her over enlarged gravidity.

Finally, she opened her eyes.

"You see. I cannot be defeated. Your fire has not the strength to best me, and your sword is gone."

She spoke in a voice labouring under the weight and pain of her stomach, it's agony was voiced in the chorus of terrible sounds echoing from within her gargantuan gut

She loomed over the tiny figure of Loric.

He held out a hand.


She was taken aback by this gesture. What was he doing? He wasn't casting a spell, he had no weapon, was he simply trying to ward her off? She laughed, long and loud and hard, hands pressed to her horribly over bloated stomach as it shook and rolled from her mirth. How pathetic, to think after all the damage he'd done to her magnificent tummy, that he could stop her with a wave of his hand

She felt a tiny movement.

Her eyes travelled downward to the great sphere of flesh hanging from her front. A cautious hand rubbed the very top of it, feeling for the source.

She felt it again. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Loric rise. He stretched out his hand again.

She felt the movement deep, deep down within the most inner core of her vast belly, in the very centre of the massive, bloated, fecund swell.

Fear built in her throat.


There was an impression of sound.

The sound was so loud, Loric failed to hear it. So loud, the sound produced a shockwave that blasted the top of the mountain clean.

When he had held out his hand, at first Earth had failed to realise what was going on. She looked at him with anger and amusement as he stretched the tiny hand out toward the immensity of her stomach, focusing all his will into it.

The she didn't look so sure, she leant back, looked and searched the immense swell.

Then he tried again.

On his feet, he could concentrate. He reached out to deep within her, and he found what he was looking for.

He walked slowly and falteringly toward her. Her hands, high above him, clutched her monstrous abdomen, wide eyed in fear her glowing eyes watched him approach. He laid a hand on her stomach's heaving white hot lower slope, and concentrated. He closed his eyes.

High above him, Earth felt something inside her move. Her fear rang out over the mountain, as something inside her raced to meet it's master. Deep inside of her, a series of horrific tearing sounds echoed out, her stomach convulsed in agony, a whimper escaped her lips.

Loric felt something push against the surface of hr stomach from the inside. A tiny point. I pushed and pushed, forcing itself through the fragile skin of her stomach and into his hand.

A hilt.

His sword.

Earth felt the tiny pinprick on the surface of her massive gurgling gut, she felt the hilt penetrate the skin of her stomach, and she sobbed to herself. She willed the inevitable not to happen, sobs and pleas of mercy escaped her lips but it was not enough.

His eyes opened. His armour was cracking a smoking in the heat, but the hilt was sure in his hand.

He grasped it with both hands, and in one smooth motion drew it through her stomach in an overhead arc as he turned to shield himself.

Earth screamed. A great gash tore through her magnificent belly, cracks and fissures all over its enormous surface issued gouts of steam and glowed white hot. A moment of searing pain. Her hands clutched to the sides of her immense stomach, fingers splayed, digging in to the now yielding flesh.

She screamed. Her stomach roared as she once had, and finally gave out. She exploded.

Far to the south, beyond the newly formed lake, a family sat down to a nervous meal, aware of the terrible sounds coming from Celestial mountain. They ate in hushed silence, until a vast quake rocked the ground, upsetting their table and bringing down plaster from the walls and roof. The man of the house stands defensively, turning to the window as smoke and fire belched from the ruined spire of Celestial mountain far in the distance. He yelled for them all to cover their ears as a loud bang rent the air. Soon it was over. He watched the smoke rise from the distance, before they became aware of a whistling sound.

It was quiet at first, steadily it grew in pitch, louder and louder, until with an immense thump something crashed into their garden. The man rushed from his house into the garden, unable to grab a weapon he clutched only the fork he'd been eating with. He reached the crater, and leaned cautiously over the smoking lip.

"That really ought to have killed me."

Loric lay serenely in the centre of the devastation, armour glowing and smoking in the disturbed earth, sword clutched in his hand. He looked up at the man staring down at him from the lip of the crater.

"I don't suppose there is a church nearby is there? There's someone I need to have a talk with."
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 I haven't read a story this good in a while. Something like this in the future would be Awesome. Great job
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u know...i still wait for the 4th chapter to this day.XD
Fudgepops Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Maybe I'll pick it up again in the future? Who knows, at the moment I have no plans to put if the right idea came along it might change that
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